Chicago Amusement Machine Retro

Chicago Amusement Machine Retro

  • Size: 158 x 89 x 44 cm
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Chicago Amusement Machine Retro

The Chicago Amusement Machine is a machine based on those created in the late 1800’s - early 1900’s. Companies such as Mills and Caille- schiemer built these beautiful wooden cabinets with intricate detailing and carefully crafted metal casting ornimentation.

This is a tribute to the early days of American bar room entertainment. Based on the Mills Chicago that was originally manufactured in 1903, a forerunner to the roulette wheel, this machine allows you to place 2p bets on the wheel colours and pays out on a win. The Chicago features a hand built wooden cabinet with intricate dealing and carefully crafted ornate castings.

Can be ordered as from February 2019. Delivery takes 4-6 weeks.

- Hand built in the UK by Sound Leisure
- Includes Hybrid valve amplifier / transistor output
- 20 + 20 W RMS
- Valve equiliser
- Bluetooth connectivity
- Aux inputs

Product specifications

Size 158 x 89 x 44 cm