Coca-Cola Vendo 23 Deluxe Vending Machine - Consignment

Coca-Cola Vendo 23 Deluxe Vending Machine - Consignment

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Coca-Cola Vendo 23 Deluxe Vending Machine - Consignment

Vendo 23 Deluxe, fully restored recently/ 110 V but can be converted to 230V

Beautiful restoration


The Vendo 23s were produced between 1949 and the late 1950s. They are bottle serving machines and can hold 23 eight-ounce bottles. The shelf inside is designed to hold one of the old wood cases of Coca Cola bottles; either for your empty drinks or additional bottles to place inside. The machine vends for a dime.

The Vendo 23 Deluxe is distinguished from the normal Vendo 23 by its embossed lettering. "Drink Coca Cola In Bottles" and "Ice Cold" on the machine's face are embossed.

This machine has been fully restored. The body and top have been repainted and the lock and key have been replaced. The stainless pieces have been cleaned and there is a new bottle opener. The machine has also received new decals in its original scheme.

The machine's refrigeration has been installed with new wiring and temperature control. The original compressor still works properly and cools all beverages inside to a nice 36 degrees.

This item is still in the USA and can be shipped in one of our future containers. We have containers coming from the USA 3-4- times a year.

As Provided by our exclusive North American consignment partner Collector Concierge International, Please contact them for consignment of high end and rare items in this section or when representation is required when time to sell your collection.

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