Whiskey Arcade Barrel - Retro Gaming - Consignment
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Whiskey Arcade Barrel - Retro Gaming - Consignment

The Dutch Pickers
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Whiskey Arcade Barrel - Retro Gaming - Consignment

Few experiences match the satisfaction you get from coming home to items you truly cherish. A Whiskey Barrel Arcade of the highest quality is a powerful treasure from the past.

Barrel aged beer, bourbon, or wine and classic arcade games! Add one barrel and 60 classic ‘80s games to get one radical cocktail style table for two players.

Do you remember the rad arcade Pac-Man tables at every Pizza Hut, back in the day? A cool, brand new Whiskey Barrel Arcade just like that, can now be yours! This full sized, two player rustic finish whiskey barrel cocktail table makes an incredible feature for any man cave. The barrel’s head houses the vivid 17” LED monitor under a glass tabletop. On both the barrel’s sides are the classic joysticks and arcade buttons you came to know so well.

You choose from coin operated or free play mode. There’s even like totally tubular LED lighting to make like moods. Arcade classics include ALL the Pac-Mans, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede, Galaxian, Burger Time, Space Invaders, Frogger, and more! A total of 60 classic arcade games!

Every inch of the Whiskey Barrel Arcade is of the highest quality. Expertly fitted game electronics. The exquisite rustic wood finish on the barrel compliments any decor. Every element is professionally built to the highest quality standards.

-24” Tempered Glass Top
-17” LCD Monitor (Custom Tuned)
-Adjustable Height Feet
-60 Retro Games Included
-2 Player Cocktail Style. No Coin Needed.
-Adjustable High-Quality Sound and Accent Lights with Remote Control
-Custom Graphics Available
-We Can Also add your Logo to a Barrel Arcade Game
-We Can Customize A Stain Color, Color of Buttons or Joysticks.
-Unlimited Customization – We Can Brand Your Custom Arcade Barrel With Your Logo Or Favorite Game

This item is still in the USA and can be shipped in one of our future containers. We have containers coming from the USA 3-4- times a year.

As Provided by our exclusive North American consignment partner Collector Concierge International, Please contact them for consignment of high end and rare items in this section or when representation is required when time to sell your collection.

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