...because everybody needs some!

The Fifties Store uses the collected personal information for the following purposes:

  • When you want to place an order in our shop, we need your name, e-mailaddress, delivery address and payment information. This is needed to carry out your order and keep you informed about the process.
  • With your permission we use your information to inform you about special sales and various discounts. If you don't want this, you can always sign out by contacting us via
  • When you make an account for yourself in our shop, we store your information on a secured location. In your account data you can find your name, address, phonenumber, e-mailaddress, delivery address and payment information. We do this so that you don't have to fill out all the information when you are back to place an order at our store. We think one time is more than enough.
  • With every visit to our site automatically you will be recognized by your (temporary) IP-address. We use and store this information to give you a better shopping experience and show you the products you have seen before, new products since your last visit, or purchases you made before. With this information we can improve our site to make you better deals or give you better product information that can be interesting for you personally and we can can improve the overall experience of our site. 
  • If requested we can always remove your peronal information from our databases.

We never sells your information
The Fifties Store will never sell your personal account information to third parties and will only share it with the payment provider involved in the payment of your order(s). Our employees and thrusted third parties will always respect your right for privacy. 

If you want to change or see your personal information
You have the right to see or change the personal information we have of you. Our customer service will help you with every information you need about this data or about any changes you want to make to it. 

More questions about our Privacy Policy? 
 If you have anymore questions about our privacy policy you can always contact our Customer Service.