Payment Options

Secure Payment

With iDeal, Paypal, credit card or bank transfer

After placing your order you'll receive an email from us with an overview of your order and the total costs, shipping included.
Payments are always made upfront. With the exception of orders that will be picked up in our store in Scheveningen.

Payment options are:

  • direct online with iDeal or Mister Cash; 
  • direct online with CreditCard; 
  • direct online with Paypal; 
  • via banktransfer.  iDeal sends her customers an email when the payment is complete.


The prices in the store are always including taxes.
Shipping costs are not included and will be calculated when you check out. 



SSL connection

Secured and safely communicate with our shop

Transactions are safe because of our secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. This connection (well known from the yellow locker at the bottom right of your screen) guarantees a safe transfer from the customer to the bank. SSL is a cryptopgrafic protocol that provides security for communications over networks such as the internet. The bank will show your transaction on your screen when transfer is in progress. That way you are shopping online safe and secured.

Because the bank connects to with a SSL-connection only the icon (the yellow locker) will not appear on screen.
But the same secure SSL-connection is working nevertheless. guarantees a safe and secure transaction from the customer to the bank.

Also from outside The Netherlands payments are secured via SSL-connection. All information, including creditcard number are encrypted by SSL. The creditcard information will only be used once and not be stored. will never use your creditcard information twice.